Solar powered Arduino

Solar powered Arduino


DWL-520+ on old ubuntu installation (11.04)

How I installed D-link DWL-520+ on an old ubuntu installation (11.04).

I downloaded a snapshot of the acx-mac80211 driver and compiled it:

sudo make install
sudo depmod
sudo modprobe acx-mac80211

Then I noticed in dmesg that firmware were needed, and of course I had thrown away the driver disc a long time ago. Google pointed me at some file archive site, where most links were outdated. After a lot of clicking I finally found a working copy of tiacx111c16, and downloaded it. After copying to /lib/firmware/acx, and rmmod:ing and modprobe:ing again, it all worked:

sudo mkdir /lib/firmware/acx
sudo cp tacx111c16 /lib/firmware/acx
rmmod acx-mac80211
modprobe acx-mac80211
echo "acx-mac80211" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules

I had already entered the wifi credentials in Network Manager, so after that it was up and running without me having to touch it again.


nRF24L01+ on Raspberry Pi

I found a lot of links on the subject of nRF24L01+ and Raspberry Pi, but easiest to follow was this guide on arduino for beginners. I had to change a few things, though. From my memory, the instructions on using github was a little dated. This is what I did:

git clone RF24
cd RF24/
sudo make install
cd examples_RPi/
less gettingstarted.cpp
sudo ./gettingstarted

From what I remember, I also had to change the GPIO connections; I connected pin 15 (GPIO22) to CE and pin 24 (CE0) to RF24 CSN-pin. This might vary depending on Raspberry model.

I’ve got quite reliable transmission through a couple of walls in my house, using radio.setDataRate(RF24_250KBPS) and radio.setPALevel(RF24_PA_MAX). But put a capacitor close to GND/3v3 on the RF24.